Flea Pox!

I am working on another book about Mousie. The title will be For the Love of Mousie. This book, in diary form, chronicles my journey with Mousie and what I’ve learned from him along the way.

I’m part of a feral cat “support” group on Facebook and my diary entries come from my posts in the group.

The inspiration for this book came about from the following story which is just too funny not to share with the world.

Without further ado, let me present Flea Pox! (Diary entry August 28th 2022)

Let’s talk about fleas and I’m going to share with you a true and funny story that happened to me three weeks ago. I had a few bites on my left leg which I had no clue what they were. I kept scratching and the area became red. I work in a hospital and I decided oh let me go down to the ER and get my leg checked. Was in the waiting room for 3 hours until I was placed in a room.

When the doctor came and looked at my leg she said I needed to be isolated…and tested for Monkey Pox! I was in isolation for 1 hour. Couldn’t leave the room had to even pee in a bed pan!

After 1 hour I was released with antibiotics. Last Saturday was the first time I saw fleas…larva…in Mousie’s room where I vacuumed well and threw out all bedding. It was only then that I realized my “Monkey Pox” was flea bites!!!!!!

Mousie has been in my guest bedroom for almost 2 months and last Saturday was the first time I saw any sign of fleas. I wondered why I only got bitten once and no more.

I have a natural bug repellent spray which I spray on myself constantly just because I love the smell. Well, I happened to look at the label and it said it repels mosquitos, bugs….and fleas!!!! Now, every time I go into his room I spray myself and I’ve sprayed it under the door frame.

NOTE: Since the writing of this entry both Mousie and his room have been treated and are now flea free.

© Apara Mahal Sylvester, 2022

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  1. What we do and go through for the love of our fur babies! Apara, thank you for sharing your funny, cute, and scratchy story of the wonderful Mousie and the not so wonderful flea pox. Best of success to you and “For the Love of Mousie.”


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