Ode to KISS

I was challenged by a die-hard KISS fan to write a rhyme about KISS with the limited knowledge I have on the band. Here is what I came up with:

I don’t get the fascination,

The one which has swept the nation.

4 men in kostume who look like Kats,

Playing with pyrotechnics and maybe bats.

Plastic guitar picks who really Kares?

Aren’t drumsticks for turkeys why all the stares?

Because they’re an iKon, the best in the land.

They’re KISS after all, the greatest all time band.

Gene, Ace and whomever more.

Their guitar playing could never be a bore.

They’ve amassed an army, a navy an entire fleet!

These guys got people worshipping down at their feet.

Me, personally, I could kare less….

But there’s something I have to konfess.

If Heaven stopped being On Fire,

To say I’d be happy would make me a liar.

KISS songs squirm around like a worm in your head,

Their tunes kan’t leave, even when you’re in bed.

But, isn’t that what great music is all about?

Make you beg for more and shout.

I was given a challenge to kraft a rhyme,

And write about the greatest band of all time.

So here it is, for all to see.

Don’t kare who you share it with as long as you kredit me.

A novice in the army, a newly minted fan.

Hopefully for years my interest will span.

If not, my loss yet I will always admire,

My new favorite song Heaven’s On Fire.

For all this I thank Ken, Vince not so much.

Their interest and passion does my heart touch.

Long live KISS for all those who Kare,

To stop liking KISS is to stop breathing air.

The End

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