The Cat Who Cried Closet

Babe came into our lives in 2018. I adopted her from a local animal rescue organization after seeing her sweet face on an online post. Babe is a petite little girl with lovely grey-silver coloring and striking amber colored eyes. She is beautiful, and she knows it!

Babe, or Babe Sylvester as she is usually called, is a Russian Blue mix. From day one she has been the “Tsarina” of the household, our little queen. She completely rules the house.

Most kitties prefer toys to amuse themselves….ahh, but not Babe Sylvester. Her preferred mode of entertainment is – closets! Babe loves all things closet. If someone is standing near a closet she will immediately go over and beg to be let in. Our normal banter generally goes like this:

Me: “Babe, do you want closet?”

Babe: “Meow!”

Me: “Babe, do you want closet?”

Babe: “Meow!” (even louder)

Finally, I give in and open the closet door.

Even kitty treats come in second to closets. While Babe runs fast when she hears the rustle of the treat bag, she runs even faster when she hears the closet door open.

Babe’s biggest fascination is the main bedroom closet, aka my own private fashion showroom. I like to say that Babe is a little diva cat.

She cries the loudest when sitting by my closet door. Then, when I let her in, she will sleep on the floor under my hanging shirts for hours on end.

Perhaps my little queen views closets as hidden rooms in her “palace” that are meant to be explored every once in a while. In her eyes, there is some sort of wonderland hiding within–maybe a treasure trove of catnip or kitty treats. However, with the exception of my closet, she quickly exits any open closet, wholly uninterested. Typical cat!

I’m not sure if “The cat who cried closet” is one-of-a-kind, but she is our beloved treasure, quirks and all.

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